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MACAI industrial internet - hightest bandwidth server, ip services, streaming solutions, CDN, Content distributing network: Linux, Windows, Streaming, Windows Media, WindowsMedia, Quicktime,Macromedia,Flash,Real,Realmedia and Rackspace,Multi Domain Kits,Domainnames

The MACAI industrial internet Inc. team is serving corporate customers since the early stages of the internet in 1995.

While constantly improving our global network infrastructure, we have become well known for our extreme bandwidth capacities and industry leading 100% uptime warranty.

Today, several thousand corporate customers around the globe have put their IT business in our hands.
Whether they are a leading media corporation, aircraft industry or a local IT consultant: we always strive to create
the right product for the very budget.

In the past decade, MACAI has developed and deployed several IP tools and internet applications both for commercial
and free ( GNU ) use. Some of them invisibly yet effective serve and protect millions of users every day, such as
the netalyzer toolbox, server watchdog, PremiumShop or Fiber5 Streaming Server.

Maximum bandwidth, outstanding 24/7 customer support and easy application of our products is
what you can expect.

If your company deserves a robust IT solution, contact us now: in the U.S., Europa and Asia.


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