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MACAI industrial internet - hightest bandwidth server, ip services, streaming solutions, CDN, Content distributing network: Linux, Windows, Streaming, Windows Media, WindowsMedia, Quicktime,Macromedia,Flash,Real,Realmedia and Rackspace,Multi Domain Kits,Domainnames

Your own dedicated server, fully maintained, updated and monitored 24/7 by MACAI tech staff.

With these servers, startup business and ISPs can hosts as many websites as they like, without all the responsibilities that usually come with a dedicated server.

Simply setup new websites through our easy-to-use Web-ControlPanel and control all functions like email, users and cronjobs.

Each website can be configured with its own password for SSH, FTP and the Web-ControlPanel. The Web-ControlPanel is featured with your companies logo and the ISP-Stealth Technology ensures that we are invisible to your customers.

The number of virtual hosts ( Webspaces ), emailaddresses, databases and all other server functions is not limited and absolutely free of charge.

All webspaces for each domain come with these features:

Managed dedicated Server with these features:

  • industrial Fiber5 MPower250 System
  • extremeley robust RedHat Linux OS
  • 250 GB harddrive capacity
    ( upgradeable to 1 TB GB )
  • 3.0 GHZ Dual Intel System , 2 GB memory
  • 100MBit fast ethernet connection
  • incl. 500 GB free traffic
  • RAID mirror
  • browser controlled backup- and restore
  • remote controlled reboot
  • no minimum contract
  • unlimited virtual hosts
  • designed for resellers
  • 100% privacy protection
  • unrestricted content
  • FTP and SSH access
  • 24/7 free support ( SLA4 )
  • additional premium traffic only US$ 75.-- per 50 GB

  • incl. 500 GB Premium traffic
  • incl. 250 GB harddrive capacity
  • incl. unlimited virtual servers

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