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MACAI industrial internet - hightest bandwidth server, ip services, streaming solutions, CDN, Content distributing network: Linux, Windows, Streaming, Windows Media, WindowsMedia, Quicktime,Macromedia,Flash,Real,Realmedia and Rackspace,Multi Domain Kits,Domainnames

Start hosting as many websites as you like for just one flat rate - with our Multi Domain Kit ( MDK ).

This product was developed in 1996 by MACAI industrial internet and has since become one of the top-sellers for resellers in the industry.

MDK Servers come with our Web-ControlPanel featuring your companies logo PLUS ISP-Stealth TechnologyTM making us invisible to your customers.

- host an unlimited number of domains, websites and email addresses for only US$ 109/month -
- absolutely no monthly charges for additional virtual hosts ( Add-On ) -

Get your own Multi Domain Server with 80 GB of harddrive capacity today and use it for an unlimited number of virtual hosts ( Add-On's ). Each Add-On will be charged a one-time setup fee of US$ 19 only - there are no monthy recurring fees, lifetime !

Domainnames can be ordered at any domain registry oder with MACAI .

Each Addon ( virtual host ) comes with all these features:


  • setup fee per Add-On US$ 19.-- ( one-time only and NO monthly fees )
  • additional traffic per 25 GB Block US$ 49.--
  • domain fees ( any domain registry or through MACAI )
incl. 500 GB traffic per month
( equals aprox. 400 million pages )

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